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Hello people,

I finally bought Dark Souls 3 and installed it through steam, but once I start the game my screen goes white and the game crashes back to desktop, I've searched online for solutions and it seems to be a popular bug, and yet trying all these solutions:

"Lower resolution in Game Config file" or "remove Dark Souls 3 game config file" or "Disable steam overlay" or "Verify steam integrity" or "Remove Nvidia drivers and update to the latest drivers" or "Go to older Nvidia drivers" or "Disable Anti Virus" or "Close all programs before playing(also disabled most background programs)" or "Delete and re-download Dark Souls 3" or "install DirectX & vcredist from the Dark Souls 3 folder" or "Update to the latest version" And it still doesnt start the game.

Does anyone have something that I've missed? I would be happy to try your solution, I bought the game and here I am looking at youtube videos of Dark Souls 3 while I have 0 hours gameplay in steam :( it actually hurts me understanding in what kind of situation I am. Any help or advise would be really awesome!

Plus i'm new here!



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Hi! Welcome to Fextralife! I hope you find a fix soon and get to play :) I'll keep an eye out for any other solutions for you.
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Here are simple fixes you should try before venturing into the deeper white screen on startup fixes we will explain below.

Adjust the game resolution to below 1080p. This might help if your system is struggling to load the game
Disable SLI and run the game on a single graphics card
Wait for the white screen with cursor and then click the mouse once. This will bring up the spinning/waiting donut. After w while, you will get the prompt to quit or wait for program to respond. Hit wait and if you are lucky, the game will load

There is a longer explanation where I copypasted the above fixes from

https://www.gamecmd.com/dark-souls-3-wh ... crash-fix/