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Starting class: Thief
Burial gift: Doesn’t matter (I did branch)
Covenant: Rosaria’s Fingers


Vig: 40
Atn: 31
End: 40
Vit: 9
Str: 10
Dex: 42
Int: 15
Fth: 8
Luck: 14


Farron Dart (for lols in pvp or small finish)
Hidden Weapon
Hidden Body

Armor (or whatever you want that doesn’t make you fat roll)

Silver Mask
Black Leather Armor
Black Leather Gloves
Black Leather Boots


Sharp Brigand Twindaggers (R1)
Caestus (L1..for the parry kings out there)
Shortbow (R2. Mainly for close quickshot)
Sorcerer’s Staff (L2)
Black Bow of Pharis (R3)


Pontiff’s Right Eye
Carthus Milkring
Obscuring Ring
Chloranthy Ring (+1,+2,+3, whatever)

Never done a build like this. So for me personally it’s different and interesting. Any suggestions or comments feel free to input as I love feedback. May the flames guide thee.


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farron dart will hit like a wet noodle at 15 intelligence...and is totally redundant with knives that scale on your big dexterirty stat...and your short bow...utterly useless if I may say.
hidedn weapon fools only utter newbies. hidden body is much less usefull than the obscuring ring, much less.
dexterity cap is really 39-40 for all these weapons...the benefits after this on sharp require to go past 60 up to 83 just so you know...so I would stay at 40 tops with the ring adjustement.
30 attunement is already an overkill but 31 is one wasted point.

so i would say you are running at sl120 a build that should be sl60 ish. I would run a sorcerer (gains you a few levels actually) with 18 attunement for 3 spells and a darkmoon ring for 2 additional maybe if you really want to have all these spells at hand all the time. I would use strongly suggest to go for a very low level build and use a magic weapon buff on the sharp daggers (you lose only 30 damage for 20 points in dex btw...) with minimum stats to wield. lower endurance to 30 tops and you are soul level 66....make your weapons +7 and you will actually be able to invade people that are not ready for war and have fun trolling them.

at soul level 120, you will run into expert ganks that will not fall for the tricks.

but in the end, what matters is having fun and if this makes the game fun then enjoy!
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announakis with the stern response!
announakis wrote:but in the end, what matters is having the best build and min/max perfectly which makes the game fun then enjoy!

I totally agree with this conclusion; if you're not having the best build you're not having fun!
I had to troll, please forgive me announakis <3
On the serious side there's a lot of good educated advice from announakis.
My input is that you should get the Parrying dagger instead of the Caestus because it's a dagger and it will look slightly similar to the Twin daggers. I mean, I just speculate that it would help a little during split seconds. It's not something that's gonna be effective :P Another thing is that I think a dagger themes better since you got dual daggers :-)
There's another point to be made about the Parrying dagger which is that its two handed R1 gets 13.5 reach while the Dagger has 13 reach and Twin daggers has 12 reach on it's L1 but only 11 reach on the regular two handed R1. This means that if you get a nice Sharp Parrying dagger for the occasion of running into someone whom you can't seem to hit with your Twin daggers you can switch out the damage for a little reach and get some hits in with the Parrying dagger. It is absolutely very weak but having a switch like that can prove effective if you're being out poked.
And uhmm, I think Pontiff's right eye is garbage :-| Maybe you get value from it but I sure don't. Maybe go with the silent run ring as it themes? Or a classical ring like RoF or something?