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So, I've tried this boss for hours and I cannot beat it for the life of me. Only managing to get to the third phase a few times, but no matter how many times I sit outside the door embered I can't find any soapstone signs to help me with the fight? Can you even get other players to help you with this or only that NPC that sucks some major a**?


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yes u can summon



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Yes you can summon. There's also an npc summon that will jump in the fight. (To the left before heading down the stairs) there's a lot of people helping with dlc in the ds3 chat right now if you wanna drop in and ask for help


Good luck :)
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I wonder how many Sunbros this boss has killed so far compared to how many survived. The entirety of the boss fight is one big Estus vampire which isn't good for people whose Esti are halved. Anyway I can't see myself having much luck in surviving this boss as a phantom, not to mention the fight is so long, probably not an optimal way to get extra levels for characters I haven't finished "building" yet.
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I wonder how many Sunbros this boss has killed

Casting lightnings sunbros? Prolly many. Considering she's got tons of HP in co-op, high resistances, dodges spells quite often and you get, what, like 3-4 mana potions for all 3 phases. +spells require lots of mana.

Honestly, I think it's easier to fight her with the help of just one NPC summon than with the help of other players, but you have to be on the offensive as in this NPC must survive the second phase and ideally survive the first half of the third phase. Then he will be really helpful .The boss is less aggressive this way than in real co-op and she is less bulletspongy.


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Technically speaking, yes. It's just that there are so very many people trying to summon other people that signs get grabbed the instant they're set down and nine times out of ten someone grabbed one before you did (which looks like a summon failure on your end). Try putting your own sign down and you'll be summoned before the animation is even complete.

This often results in a (normally) rare bug: more often than not, trying to summon someone will fail so quickly that your game doesn't realize you didn't summon them. This results in other signs auto-failing for the next full minute, including the NPC's.

Since the problem comes from other players summoning the signs you're trying to use, the easiest solution is to password summon.
Hey can someone help me beat this **** ive used 12 embers I'm on my last one and I only can find the NPC summon