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Hey all,

Brand new to this forum.

I'm starting to play Dark Souls again, but I would really like to avoid the frustration of "If you don't talk to this NPC then can't do such-and-such (I mean, how am I supposed to even know where the hek that NPC is?), or if you consume the soul of such-and-such boss soul, you can't make the such-and-such weapon.

So, is there a document or a site on the Web lists all the need-to-know things when playing the game, something that covers the dos and don'ts and the If-then stuff? I mean, yeah, I can go back and watch YouTubes—a great YouTube for this is "Dark Souls Walkthrough - Everything possible in..." by BlueLizardJello—but, man, that's umpteen episodes you have to wade through.

Any help for this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much,




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Don't kill any non-hostile NPC unless you know exactly what the consequences are.
Don't kill Gwynevere.
Get a guide if you want the dark ending.
Know about Lautrec of Carim.
Know about Siegward of Catarina.
Know about Solaire.
Know about Patches.
Know about Logan.
Know about Laurentius of The Great Swamp.
Know dragon tail weapons.
Once you get the Lordvessel you can backtrack easily.
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Thanks much.


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And now for some general forum rules.

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