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Praise the Sun!

Ran a check on armor pages and found that armor stats are not fully aligned with the latest patch (1.15 / 1.35). Also, total stats are often miscalculated. If no one's editing armor pages at the moment, I'd like to occupy them for the next few days.

Questions for Admins:
1. How about listing variable durability as a range in total stats, e.g. 250-280? Right now, there's just "-" no matter if durability is the same or not among pieces.
2. How about including Ragged Mask (Farron Keep, entrance) and Loincloth (Undead Settlement, Velka) into Master's set United, the pieces formed similarly looking Prisoner set in DS2.
3. There are minor discrepancies in ABC order of the links (under letters H, M and P). Change it?
4. There are videos on some pages… Previously, I was added to the list to prevent the loss of existing videos while editing text parts (DS2 armor, late 2016 – early 2017), but am I still on that list?