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The most overpowered weapon in dark souls 1
The weapon is cancer.
No u
So judging by the remaster I see DS3's curved swords are just part of a long tradition of nuts curved swords.

Seriously though, this thing is so strong that it almost feels a little unfair. Even without the bleed it probably would.
The R1's are probably the mightiest attacks in the game, but when paired with Dark Silver, I actually prefer holding it in my left for quick bleed buildup. When using the hornet ring, Dark Silver does STUPID high damage with even just a back stab, and by keeping a shield in the second left-hand slot for parrying heightens the potential for OHKO even further.



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This would be less of a thing if the majority of weapons didn't have a terrible disadvantage to their R2 attack animation. R1 is the standard attack button in the series, and Dark Souls (1) appears to promote using it further with some of the impractical trade-offs of using a 'strong attack' for a variety of weapons; Doubly so concerning PvP and the back-stab mechanics implemented at the time.
Curved swords are so trashy try-hard in this game.
Is this weapon really good for pvp?
This plus tranquil walk of peace are the craziest for pvp
Gold Tracer is love, Gold Tracer is life : it stands with us against turtles, ganking havels and magic spammers. Do not resist the R1 spam, embrace it instead.
Why r we still here, just 2 suffer.
No Stop
Can someone explain the main appeal of this weapon? Is it because it's fast and has bleed? On paper, the damage doesn't seem great at first, but then again, that scaling ... maybe i should just try it.
Its because this weapons R1 spam can absolutely destroy gank squads with the damage it does
I use it off-hand and dark silver main hand. In pve the two attacks(same combo as strong attack combo) out damages my max lvl gravelord sword(and the tracer wasn’t anywhere near max)
It may not his as hard per strike, but it swings pretty fast...that adds up to better DPS than most heavy-hitting slow weapons. Add in the fact that it delivers high bleed buildup, it's one of the better DPS weapons in the game. (Although I still favor the Painting Guardian Sword +15 with Sunlight Blade and Power Within for insane levels of DPS.)