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F. U. C. K.
just spent a little bit farming the one sword/shield knight next to the Lothric Castle bonfire. Easy farm: free backstab with slumbering dragoncrest ring, about 3 kills per minute.

122 kills for 20 chunks at 357 ID for 16.39% drop rate (counted 102 large shards, he always dropped either a large shard or a chunk)
divide by 3.57 and get 4.59%, so around 4-5% base drop rate?
I know that's hardly an exhaustive sample size, but just to give a general idea.

Also, if anyone cares: 9 swords, 17 knight's crossbows, 12 shields, 14 helmets, 18 armors, 13 gloves, 11 legs, and I think 8-9 sunlight medals (forgot to check my count on the sunlight medals before hand)
Trading the firebomb gives you a large shard, not a chunk
It has to be a Black Firebomb
It doesn't seem like Corvian Knights actually drop them, the monster's page doesn't even list titanite Chunk as a possible drop. Probably meant Millwood Knight.
They do actually just got one while farming sharp gems
Corvian Knight drop rate is incredibly low. I got 1 from killing 60 of them. It's simply not worth the hassle. Even on a Twinked out Pyromancer, they take forever to kill.

Well played Miyazaki.



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Different people have (slightly) different experiences in DS3 (hence the term, RPG) its based off the RNG of the game, so some people might get 10 chunks from killing him 10 times, some may get none, its unpredictable.
Or you could get a lot of luck and also some gold rusted coins
Drops from every hollow and knight in Lothric castle.
I can confirm corvian knights droo these I've had 2 drops from about 15 kills
The fat knight just outside the first bonfire of the Ringed City DLC is the best farming spot for me. Spawn at the first bonfire, run to him ignoring all the enemies, then a plunge attack for an easy kill. Sometimes he can drop 4 chunks at once. Also he gives around 8K souls on NG, so after 2 runs you can buy an extra chunk.
"fat knight" is the Harald Legion Knight:
Dude that’s one of the best tipps i got here i had my 12 chunks in no time thanks
Nah bro it’s all about those 225k souls from killing the three golden knights at the grand archives
Believe Drops and Locations on this page are mixed around.
The Ringed Knight in Gael's arena seems to drop 2 of those all the time, easy farming from FIlianore's Rest.