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i hate these things so much in iron keep
try jump attacking with a +10 large club. i have 41 strength and can do 1063 dmg with it.
can they be parried?
They cannot be parried, in my experience. Using a buckler and parrying at different times during a side-swipe's wind-up and it's just not getting a response. I'd venture to say none of its attacks can be parried.
Friendly Turtle Man
Still mad we can't use that sweet looking mace
The ones in Iron Keep can drop Firedrakestone
I got killed by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the Iron keep, I felt like I was near a bonfire, near the guillotine thingy barrier with the turtle down the hallway, I raise the barrier and see his ugly mug looking at me, then I turn around to prepare to fight, so I aggro him and he comes chasing me, I think that there is a slight chance the guillotine will murder him or at least get a successful hit, but obviously no it didn't. So I am moving back, and he hits me, almost killing me, I get back up and roll to the left, he gets me through the goddamn wall.... what the absolute ****.

I lost 30,000+ souls
Craftman's Hammer+5 + 50STR = Who's dying in two hits now *******?