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Imagine if it scaled with your soul memory. It'd be amazing.
Butthurt people below me ⇊
First playthrough. I made this sword because I thought it was good; now I learn that it's*****. I don't care. I'm gonna fight Nashandra with it, regardless of the damage penalty. I just feel a bit betrayed by how much damage Vendrick was doing to me when I fought him...
It's not that bad, It has amazing scaling at 1,000,000 souls. Considering you're at Nashandra that shouldn't be too hard to get. I do 600+ Damage with it even when un-enchanted.
I know I'm like 4 years too late to weigh in on this, but with 1 mil souls this is just a better mirrah greatsword. Granted carrying around 1 mil souls is pretty dumb, but still it's effectively just a better mirrah greatsword if you do it right. People keep saying its s**t, but it's not. It's just inconvenient and not viable for SM based (invader) builds for obvious reasons. But if you pair it with a ring of life/soul proctection its pretty solid if you like moveset. It's also got some of the highest AR among greatswords.
Anyone tested the dmg on mundane build?
surprisingly well actually. At 20 in every stat (just enough dex to use it) it gets 359 uninfused and 403 mundane. However it gets 418 40/40/16/16 for a lot less levels. But if you're a high enough level to have even stats it does well mundane. It gets 478 at 99/99/16/16 and only 454 at 40 in every stat for way more levels... It's better uninfused for level efficiency, but thats true of almost every weapon ever since mundane got nerfed into the ground. At max level 99 in each stat it gets its highest AR of 506 beating uninfused, but again only at ridiculous levels. But most weapons are worse mundane even at max level for example the longsword gets 375 99/99 for only 2 max stats, whereas it only gets 362 mundane at 99 in everything. So in general mundane is pretty trash, but for the rulers sword it does have some potential.
Godlike in the arena because you can have 1 mil souls with no matchmaking penalty and never have to worry about losing them
Isnt Soul Memory based on Souls acquired and not spent so this million still counts in PvP matchmaking tiers?