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Its worth mentioning that if you (really) DO want her summon sign for midir that you need to make sure that you talk to her on your first pass by her door on the way to the abyss swamp. If you reach that area and touch the bonfire there, it seems to bug her quest. I passed her door in a hurry to go activate the ringed city streets bonfire so I could travel around the city a little faster. When I worked my way back up the stairs to her door there was no dialogue box for her to speak to me. This was all done BEFORE I even triggered midir's appearance near the swamp. She would not talk to me at any point afterwards even after I knocked midir off into the chasm. Its true that her summon is pretty useless (unless you just want a temporary meatshield) but I figure I'd just point this out for those who want to do her quest the right way.
How it feels to invest in attunement.



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You can see her feet through the holes below the door.
"One of the strongest NPCs in Dark Souls III" lol wtf I just hit her with my Demon's Greataxe a few times and she keeled over. She has 4 estus if you're wondering.
Her lightning arrows are awful. She just doesn't seem to care that there is a thing called "focus points". Otherwise she isn't that bad and you can just r1 spam her to death
She likes to used her hammer to block, and the R1 attack of great hammer can easily cause an guard break, followed by an critical attack. I get two consecutive critical attacks this way which killed her instantly; she even doesn't get a chance to drink estus.