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good tips
noob sword pls kill
i hate this sword - it leads you to a false security that you can go through the rest of the game with it - my first character had the hardest time through andor and I thoght it was me - but it was the god damn sword - once I got gud I got another weapon and cruised through the game - save your 50 arrows and pass this sword up
no scaling?
None whatsoever. Ditch it the moment you open Sen's
Wrong. Don't ditch it the moment you enter Sen's Fortress, you should keep it depending on your build. Like for low str it can be good and it's still one of the best swords despite the no scaling. What I did on my first playthrough was grab two Dragon Scales then upgraded the drake sword to 240 Atk and Sen's Fortress was a cakewalk. Wait for the Silver Knight Straight Sword then farm some Twinkling titanite (10) and the sword will serve you well, well indeed my good friend. Well indeed.
Early-game, sorcerers have few powerful weapons at their disposal. However, the Drake Sword has the same stat requirements as the Moonlight Greatsword (disregarding INT). Would recommend.
I used this sword for the early levels now I use a black knight halberd
I usually just get the gravelord sword 10 minutes after leaving the tutorial area. MUCH stronger. End game weapon right there.
Its definately worth to upgrade if you are going with a low str build since all dragon scale weapons require more strength than Drake sword.


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terrible idea never upgrade this it has zero scaling theres way better weapons to use literally any +5 weapon is as good if not better than this garbage but noobs dont know how to do that if youre doing low str or low dex for that matter just put a fire / chaos effect on a normal weapon itll be so much better and can carry you to the end of the game. after quelaag this weapon turns into trash no matter what like good luck trying to r1 spam through o & s youll only make the game harder for yourself later on
I swear these articles sometimes have incorrect scalings and irrelevant information but the dumbest***** by far is always the Rakuyo lore that makes zero sense. "GWYNDOLIN IS THE MOON PRESENCE" stated as fact. Tyvm



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Very useful... until you reach Sen's Fortress.
it increase magic and fire defense?
yes brudda!!
I believe all drake tail weapons do