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A dragon fight the darkness, and it try to hunt down Ashen one 3 times in a row. And Gael want the Dark souls from Ashe one in final cut scene. coincident? No, we are the dark souls. Abyss watcher is actually there to stop dark souls seek for abyss. We travel with Gael in the abyss, Eventually get ridiculously powerful but endless hunger in a wretched land. I believe that's what miyazaki want to told us. After all , he's the painter of this world. all he want is a masterpiece, therefore he need the darksouls to paint he doesnt really care about guest who allured to his paint world.
Dark eater Midir is attacking you because he's consumed by the abyss which is why shira wants you to fight him. Gael is getting the pigment for the little girl in the ashes of ariendel DLC she is the "painter" And to put it simply she's more op than gael riding Midir
This boss fight gave me some real Monster Hunter vibes. Hard as hell, but didn't feel horribly unfair
Can't do this boss for $hit
Whoever designed this boss is a *****ing idiot
It's the boss I die least. Well designed with tight hitboxes. But hey...that's just me.
SL45, upgraded old wolf CG, beat him in ~4 tries