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This page is wonderful, thank you!
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Were can i find a list of Monsterstats like hp for ElderDragons and arch tempred ElderDragons. I wanna know how much HP they have.
Not knowing their health is all apart of the challenge that is Monster Hunter!
has a rough for base, bar that going to the modding community might help.
I cannot find kulve taroth tracks. im HR 44. I also cant find the admirable. Theres no quest or any sign of kulve taroth. Ive checked multiple areas. Could anyone help?
ammm...Kulve taroth is a rotating season event i think...soo u cant find her tracks u have to go to the gathering hub and there u can find her quest
check for a pile of gold in the ancient forest in area 1, it should be on the rocks.
Why is there no Undying Alpenglow quest on this list?



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Been slacking, missing a lot of the Arch and new festival quests. Hopefully it will get updated soon