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I think either she became the angel, or she was killed by an angel. I shot the angel with a Dragonslayer Greatbow, and it only shot one volley of darts (arrows?) at me before it returned to being creepy.
I think da **** is really Charlie Murphy in disguise. I knew that nigga wasn't dead...
I love you
I noticed in nowhere on this page does it mention she drops a titanite Slab when you come back after she dies. Surely this happened to other people besides me??
When you give the sash the the shrine maiden she gives a strange long laugh and calls it fate.
Random thought but could she meant to be the old woman which we hear in the intro? (I know they have different voice actors but that's not my point)
*same voice actors actually!
"Keep your marbles intact, love. At least until I lose mine." ???
Everyone's so stingey here. Everyone's so stingey everywhere!. Did you know we were her only customer?
Could this be a Angel?