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Claymore is baemore.
If you throw a Blessed gem on this with 60/60/50/50 str/dex/int/fth this a very solid weapon for paladin/regen builds, I pair it with Ethereal Oak shield and a Bountiful Sunlight before bosses (bountiful light when it wares off) I can Easily tank an entire pontiff 4-5 hit combo and drop blast on ng+5 and take only around 100-300 dmg which to my 1800 Hp is nothing. my armor is Cathedral Knight helm Fire-witch chest and gloves with Lorian legs
Same guy again, I'm using Sun Princess ring and NO stoneplates
At that kind of soul level with that much effort put into defense I should hope you're tanky.

But the claymore's got nothing to do with your build being so durable, other than being a solid weapon. Any Blessed weapon you picked probably would've performed just as well for your purpose.
I'm surprised there was so much talk about this weapon not being as good as it was in DS1.

The claymore hardly got worse. It's still an excellently well rounded weapon with good reach, good scaling, and reasonable stat requirements. About the worst thing I could say about the claymore is that it doesn't outshine its competition as much as it used to, but that's just because there are so many excellent weapons to choose from this time around.

Straight swords might be outperforming it in PVP, but this is still one of the most reliable, all purpose weapons in the game for PVE.
I love My Heavy Claymore+10. what should I Infuse it with for the Nameless King boss fight? I've been pulling my hair out for a while now.
For the Nameless King don't infuse. Buff with lightning during King of the Storm phase and with dark for the second half of the fight
Flamberge appears to out damage this one, plus get bleed.
In theory but not in practice.

The Flamberge has higher base damage than the Claymore, but with a physical build the Claymore's better scaling will give it the edge. Plus, the Flamberge deals slashing damage instead of Standard/Thrust, which means most armored enemies resist the damage type, while standard damage is pretty reliable against everything in the game.
I guess I was comparing chaos versions, not physical. Chaos Flamberge does seem to do more.
Table needs an update, I'm getting B scaling at +3.
Nevermind I was a **** moron and was looking at the wrong infusion scaling. You may all ridicule me and throw cabbages.


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*cabbages thrown*
This is the weapon that finanlly taught me that there are more attacks than R1. Love this moveset.
It's not the flashiest of weapons, far from it, but it remains my absolute favorite.
This was the first weapon I found and I'm still using it past my first playthrough.


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she(cus i give her a name) served me for 5 years(ds1-2-3-R) and still we are together.she looks great,long enough to hit everything,and attacks EVERYWHERE.but ofc there is some weakness on it,DO NOT spam your r1 more than 2,DO NOT start figth with running attack and be careful before going to hit with rolling attack(2H).if you wont you listen me gonna get parries like hell.also always carry a lothric knigth SS with her so you can finish the running enemies easly.combining with lothric knigth sheild or any medium sheild(with parry skill) also useful for knigth builds and looks great. If you have any problem with her,mostly this is your fault not her.
Well that was some pure cringe right there


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love is a cringe thing too if you are not in love but it is the best feeling in human life.Rigth mister?so your opinion is your opinion^^
nothing cringe about this post, I see only a guy who loves swords. Remember what Andre said in ds1? Weapons never betray you, so show some respect.
Still using this in NG+++.