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Use Hidden Weapon on these and then perform the Weapon Art for sp00ky Jojo Reference
Thanks patches!


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I can confirm this as I tried it out recently day I will death spam you
these things are absolute garbage in pvp
nah your just trash at the game kill yourself ***** ***
Why are you so mad?
People say this weapon is bad but so far it's an amazing weapon super fun in PvE and PvP, win some loose some but always have fun with em
Decided to try those yesterday. Natural bleed build-up with sharp infusion (or without) appears to be non-existant, tested on numerous different enemies as well as PvP. Never worked, not even once. It does, however, has an uncanny potential to stunlock oponents into oblivion due to cheap stamina cost of L1. L2 attack will most likely guarantee a chain of staggers if landed directly into your victim. Overall a clumsy but fun weapon.
How well does the WA proc with Pontiff Eyes or the equivalent Old Wolf sword or Carthus Beacon?
the percentage bonus is always the same. the important thing is it will proc. So good idea. Would stay away from carthus beacon though even when in theory it makes sense. Sadly only in theory...
Started out with a str/dex build, ended up with 40 str/dex and 50 int/faith. Infused these with chaos gem for scaling with int/faith. Add Pontiff's Right Eye and fire clutch ring. Easily get massive damage very quickly. With the stun locking it makes short work out of long as Wolverine's berserker rage attack actually
hot garbage
Quit talking about yourself in this thread.
99 dex and a pine bundle usually nets about 1000-1300 damage, no pontiff rings or other buffs needed. if you want to really max it out (only going to 132 at max) 60 dex 60 faith (hunter+milk+priestess, use either fap+3 or prisoner with it, or chlor+3 if you dont fear death) and you can easily kill anybody with just one weapon art. Sharp ofc, any other infusion is complete garbo unless your going for bleed, in which case hollow+rouge should net eh 60-70 bleed per hit at 40 luck. sharp far outweighs hollow+rouge in damage though, even with a bleed proc.
i used this to farm chaos gem and other drops, hollow build with bleed infusion is a weapon art spamming that trigger blood like a fountain, the pm are not even necessary, you just need the L2 combo to obliterate everything
throwing a bleed infused full wp at an ultra user being like REEEEeeeeeEEEEeeeEEEEeEEEeeee
Oh I can see the casuls screaming REEEeeeeEeeeeEeeEee