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So i lack 18 of these, Would be better to play through this game 9 more times or farm silver knights?
While it will take a long time to grind those it's still quicker (and probably more tolerable) than to replay the game that many times. If you haven't overleveled yourself or your weapon, there's a chance you'll get summoned more than a few times while doing the grind. If you really want to collect these bloody things for all the miracles though, you're probably better off starting a new character and try to collect 25-28 through summons at lower levels.



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This is the only Covenant item that I've never, ever, not even once managed to obtain by farming Silver knights. All I always get are titanite shards and a*****load of armor pieces.
Everyone whines about how hard it is to get these. 1. Equip Blue Sentinels and do whatever until summomed, this worked got me with a level 125 and a 364 with +10 weapons so meta and over level are fine from my experience. 2. Equip blade of Darkmoon, ok so this one requires you to be a little better at the game since Blades of the Darkmoon seem to in a world until they're target is dead whereas a Sentinel can stay as long as there is an invader and the Sentinels seem to have a higher summon rate (I'm usually summoned before a Darkmoon and when I'm invad(er/ed) I usually see Sentinels before Darkmoons It's really not that hard since the area after Pontiff is heavily used for Fight Clubs and Honour Duels not to mention Ganks and it's somewhat late game meaning lots of covenant invasions especially Mads and Aldriches
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Can someone help me farm these? psn: joe21r
still need help ?
What’s the best way to get these at high SL? I’ve tried farming for a few hours with no luck and can’t seem to get summmoned. Am I missing something?
Keep the covenant item equipped at all times. Respec your character to 99 Luck and take every single drop-enhancing item (Symbol of Avarice, dual CS Rapiers, Gold Serpent Ring) and farm away. For added comfort, run Hidden Body + Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring so that the second Knight won't aggro until you're touching him.
Just farm these at low level Sl20-60 watch tv or do homework or make love to your hand while waiting. Oh and don't suck at PVP It really doesn't take that long
Yeeeeeah right. I've done this for a few characters and it takes hours upon hours because getting summoned is mostly up to chance and even when you do get summoned the host or the invader might already be dead and you get nothing. It barely beats grinding Silver Knights.


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Or even more common, you get there and it's 3 on 1 and you're doomed
Day 143 of farming: I now have 500 sets of silver night armour and enough titanite shards that my game is starting to crash.... and no concords
So damn true, it's not even (very) funny
Hey there (puts on cheap suit), would any of you nice folks like to trade your 30Proof of Concords Kept for my 50 sets of Silver Knight Armour? Disclaimer: Silver Knight Armour may be stained with the sweat and tears of rage.
With only Fingers and Swordgrass remaining (and 8 of these bastards left), this is THE worst one yet. Shackles dropped faster. Also, the rusted and gold coins seem to make no difference, items drop just the same with 325 item discovery as they do with over 400 for me. I was going for all 3 of the Silver nights for the first 20 of these, then read the note about it being faster to just do the first 2 so I started doing that. I've only noticed the reload difference after actually having the game closed for quite a while but not so much to just reload after each one. I just hope the drop rates for the final 2 aren't as bad, at least I only need 10 fingers.
A small tip how to get fast concords, although some of you might not like it. Make a new character and equip blue sentinels around levels 20-50 and stay at that level until you have your 30 proofs. Those tend to have a significantly denser frequency of summons. Works for watchdogs for levels 15-30. Saves you grinding hundreds/thousands of mobs but you gotta finish the game again.