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I hear a baby's cry at 31 insight
Do you have a child?
That's because you triggered the blood moon
Thank God you guys hear the voices too! I almost quit drinking
Thanks for the best laugh I have had in a while!


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Haha i laughed so hard xD
You should not drink at all but ok
holy***** the most liked comment by far ive ever seen on any fextralife forum
Not sure if this a Chalice Dungeon thing or insight caused Chalice Dungeon thing, but whenever I kill all enemies on a floor and round back to the floor lamp there is usually a Bloodlicker waiting for me and it is a very heafty one that does massive damage and has a ton of health. I have been at a minimum of 40 Insight(normally around 60 except for encounters with Brainsuckers).
this is because you killed an enemy with a visceral attack. due to the blood spilled by killing that enemy, the blood licker was attracted to the scent and therefor spawned. this does not require insight as i have seen them with no insight
bloodborne is the best *****ing game of all time
you haven't played the last of us yet right ??
Bloodbourne makes The Last of Us it's ****.
The Last of us...? pffft! Please
I disagree. Its a very good game, but I think that Donkey Kong is the best game ever.
Is there any reliable way of farming insight? I know there are sporadic drops in the aqueducts....anything else?



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Chalice Dungeons...each time you encounter a Boss and each time you defeat that boss you gain 4 Insight
Another way is to collect the Madman's Knowledge or the Great One's Wisdom and use them (you find many Madman's Knowledge in the Chalice Dungeons)
Atm i'm on the first NG, BL 140, and i have already 99 insight
The other way is complete a cooperation on line....each time you help a player to defeat a Boss you gain one insight
co op boss fight gain you 1 insight
The first chalice you get, replay it over and over. It's boring, but it doesn't scale with you. By your endgame and subsequent playthroughs, bosses will die in just a few hits.
take ur pick and leave kiddy
Just build
Not true, you can hear the baby very faintly even in hunter's dream.
I hear a baby's cry at 4, and a great way to farm insight is to use the resonant bell and help take down bosses, didn't use any insight and you gain insight and blood echos, don't lose blood echos if you die aswell, can only go up
Pretty sure the only area you can hear the baby's cry without the required insight is Nightmare Of Mensis so you probably were there.
I can hear the cry everywhere except the Hunters Dream at low Insight too. It started after I killed Rom so I thought it was connected to that.
pvp's better lol