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fuk it its so fuking hard
Beat using Sinner's Ultra Greatsword 2H and 4 giant souls. The boss is easy once you have the patterns but very punishing due to extremely high damage. Vengarl's armor and still deals 80% of my HP with one swing. The only thing which should trouble you on this boss is the horizontal swing, which covers a very large arc that reaches quite a ways behind him. Sometimes he will be a troll and follow up the huge horizontal swing with, yes, another huge horizontal swing, in the opposite direction. Otherwise, all of his attacks are dodgeable by strafing sideways. Weakness: Rear Therefore try Strafe


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It really makes you question whether relighting the fire is worth it. This once proud king is now a shambling, brainless hulk of bones, cursed to wander in his own tomb, forever in madness. If this is the fate of a King, wont you meet a similar end? Maybe it would be best for it all just to stop...
Same question in DS3. If you relink the flame, you're left with the ambiguous ending of the darksign remaining on the sun and the Ashen One sitting near the First Flame waiting for a response. If you steal the flame or become the Lord of Hollows, at least you know what is going to happen from there. Plus, when you throw in the idea of Gwyn fearing humanity & the dark and using the curse to enslave humans and perpetuate the Age of Fire so that he and his family stay in power, why the f*ck should you not cast down the Gods, let the flame die, and let Man be free?
just stayed under his knee and wailed on him with my DGH until he went down, all attacks just missed
Honestly this is my third easiest boss in the entire game. Due to his highly telegraphed attacks and his one weakspot, his left *** cheek. This fight becomes ridiculously easy if you strafe his left side and wail on him at the end of his combos, I don't think I have ever died to previous ruler of drangleic. In my opinion though I wish we would have been able to fight in his prime, it would have made the fight much more fun and exciting knowing that the old ruler and future monarch get to Duke it out if this were the case.
Way to miss the point.
The whole point of the fight is to see how the once glorious monarch has fallen from grace.


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I know what the point of fighting vendrick while he's hollow is I just wished that there was a second fight where we could have fought him in his glory days
This fight was maybe not hard in the sense that you had to really learn the timings, but it was very stressing on my patience, which fit perfectly with the boss and his character. Seeing that husk of a once proud king with the eerie music in the background... it may not have been a special souls fight, but the soul of the fight was special.
Why are y'all making complex strats for dealing with this old man with a UGS? Unplug his life support and move on to Aldia's
The first thing I realized was that the place was too dark. I had to find enough torches to light and died countless times crazy. if the total time is probably more than 4 hours. Just a Horizontal Slash is my character will die. I hid on the king's left foot and followed his movements. It really felt horrible and I had to move around the king so dizzy. X(
3 obtained from giant memories should be enough. funny numbers. BKH one handed does 112 at 20str and 26 dex. Ice rapier 72 buffed with lightning 86. Don't bother with magic unless you have all 5 souls and even then is suck. Dark orb at 40 int 30 faith sunset 72. LMAO. He is not hard just tedious and basically worthless. DS should be renamed to ASSsouls considering 90% of almost every boss fight you spend poking them in the *** or scrotum.
NG+ 6 only with a Horizontal Slash is my character will die. VIG 69