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É possível invocar npcs ?
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It's Dark Souls! What did you expect?
Speak English or go elsewhere do realize this game was made in Japan, right?
Uh... You do realize this is an English page, right?
So I'm sl15 with a +6 twinblades and want to invade high wall of lothric. I planned on putting them in storage and just use crow talons +1 but will the game not allow me because I have a +6 weapon in storage?
Correct. Your weapon upgrade level goes by whatever weapon you've upgraded the most, so you'll never be able to go below +6 if you've hit that point before. If you still want to do low level invasions with that character try moving up to SL50, which can invade SL45/+4 to 75/+8. Those are appropriate SL/weapon ranges so you'll see a good amount of activity from the catacombs through to Anor Londo.
ah ok. thanks
I'm sl 11, and use twinkling dragon stones in pvp at highwall. Does that mean I'm a twink?
Yes. You're using end game equipment at beginning game levels. You are twinking.
You're both twinking AND twinkling.
What SL can i invade with Onyx Blade +5? (im on 37 SL)
Absolutely no one. Your Onyx Blade +5 is the equivalent of a +10 weapon, which means you can only invade people who have weapon upgrades of +8 to +10. That's basically a range of about SL75 and up. Either move up to around SL80-90, or make a new character.
I am SL244 and I am in NG +++ can I invoke people with my same level but from another NG?
Yes you can
when you invade at low level, can you get matched a host who's also a low level like sl20-30, but is playing with a 500sl white phantom?
no because sl20-30 cannot summon sl500 white phantom through normal way, but they still can play together by using password matchmaking, which means without a password you cannot invade them
yes, you can invade a host who password-summoned his friend
Bottom comment is wrong. You can still invade/get invaded with a password summon. However, the higher level phantoms are nerfed to better represent the host world
Yes, with a piss poor scale down, he will remain with the attunement slots, heavy armor which means he will have good defense and a ton of supporting spells like Heals and he will also have +10 estus and end game weapons.
Welcome to the cons of password matchmaking.