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Looking for ps3 players to have fun on dark souls, my soul lvl is 51
Anybody on ps4 wanna help me with Manus, Kalameet, and 4 Kings. Psn xxRONN1Nxx
Need help with ornstein and Smough. OG dark souls. On xbox.
Did you get help?
Anyone need help with any main game bosses? Haven't touched DLC yet (PS4)
Hey, I’m looking to co op with if you’re interested? glynson83 on psn
Looking to play through DS series again. Anyone fancy co-op through the games? Wouldn't mind starting with DS3. (PC)


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I recently restarted DS3. I made a character in DS2 a few months ago. But it hasn't done much. I'm down for whatever.
I'm game dude. yungbix123. I'm on the ps3
Need help with PS4 NG+ Four Kings. Looking for anyone between levels 108 and 150. PSN: WompaStompa821
Someone help with the bell gargoyles? Ng sl 24 at fog wall
Need help with Smaug and lvl 93 would like to snatch orenstiens armor but at this point I’m about to give in lol.
I’m on PlayStation 4...didn’t add that part
I can help if needed
Need a coop partner
i can help you if you are still there
hi is there anyone here?