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Starting class: Deprived
Burial gift: None
Covenant: I don’t care just not Way of Blue


Master’s Attire
Master’s Gloves
Loincloth (Deprived starting gear)
Ragged Mask (When available otherwise no head gear)


No upgrading allowed

Hollow Broken SS +0 (R1)
Hollow Plank Shield +0 (L1)


Skull Ring (must be equipped at all times)
Nothing else


Luck 99 (you’ll need it lol)
No other attribute leveling


Only Hollow infusion allowed otherwise just plain ol’ Broken SS and Plank Shield
No Repair powder allowed
No throwables
No summoning phantoms for help
Iudex Gundyr must be killed bare fisted
Kill Sword Master before shrine bonfire
Can not use Storm Ruler or have Siegward help on Yhorm
Can not plunge attack Ancient Wyvern
Nameless must die before Soul of Cinder
Estus remains +0 (5 estus allowed)
No Buffing Broken SS
Can not use ember (only when boss is killed)
Must be hollow level 99 asap
All optionable bosses must die asap
NO SORCERY, DARK, PYROS, OR MIRACLES ALLOWED (not that you have much faith or int anyways)
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Sounds painful but leveling alleviate all difficulty
Finishing the game at lvl20 on a +3 max upgrade is much more challenging than this imo

I have just started the exact opposit with a Ng+ run on a pyro at sl125 with all spell available
The goal is to destroy those innocent bosses as fast and easily as possible and boy is this fun !

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A hoonter must hoont!
I agree that would be much more difficult. This is a low-sanity hollow based run not a No-sanity hollow based run. I don’t intend to break any controllers just get some agitated reactions to deaths from otherwise simple enemies and invaders. The run will still require skill to get through within a reasonable time frame. Essentially no armor, crap weapon and shield, bad estus recovery, , no good rings (only one ring in general allowed), no ranged attacks but despite all that luck is underrated and when hollowed can be used to advantage so I will give that solice. I believe this build is a good run for casuals looking to become better at the Souls series as it will require adaptation on their part and a lot of patience.