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After reaching NG+ with SL167 Knight ( "Quality Build" ) , and wanting hit platinum trophie, I decide to make an Sorcerer and reach NG end phase like that:


Now Achivements missing

- RINGS: I'm missing some rings ( 2 only possible doing ng+ with sorcecer ) and the upgraded versions of some.
- Miracles : Few by Convenant Rank 1 and 2
- Gestures: One missing ( Farron Keep Invasion ).. as far i understand need to do on ng+ sorce, or ng++ kinght ( or a new char )
- Pyro: Same... Convenat Ranking

Affer reading a bi about co-op / pvp ( I'm more PVE), and take in account my play style with sorcecer, it seems that that probably I will need to do ng+ and ng++ with sorcecer. Yes, I have 4 resets possible on Kinght, but I miss to many miracles,pyro things and some rings ( that sorcerer have ).

So my big question is: How to level up sorcecer from now on?

- Mainly using GHSA+ Hidden Body .. GHSA+Crystal Soul Spear for boss ( Aldrich with raw broadsword hahaha ) . In term of damage almost from 800 to 1.000 per hit unbuffed ( on stance ). I'm sastified and I belive that on ng+ 60 Int will stii be enough.

- In terns of stamina/vigor/vit with ok.. anyway when i get one boss pissed of, not even 10.000 ho will be enough hahaha.

After test some PVP ( argh ) , that I necessarly need to ranks, I only need invest in dex/faith. Dex because afects cast time ( even rolling well, mobs die over me.. eyeys to eyes ^^ ). Faith because having so many miracles/pyro, I could play some of them just for fun.

I'm a bit out of caps, but try 99 int or take those points to get a bit more dex and put the rest over faith?

For last.. I want start ng+ as far as possible.. and excepting "sun bro one"... it's better try rank now in ng or will be accebile trough ng?