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Hey. I'm running one of those randomly generated challenges right now
-no shields
-straight swords only
-fire upgrades only
-no consumables (ouch!!!)
-no leveling over 30

Logical pick was Astora's, since that cleans house in the early game. Hit a wall in Anor Londo, silver knights just take so many hits to drop (3 consecutive backstabs) and I can't parry.
Even with a fairly leveled fire sword (good, since no scaling) I don't even reach the fog wall (although I DID manage to rescue onion-man so I guess it's not all bad)

I also interpret the rules, which do not forbid magic, as allowing pyromancy. It helps but only so much.

How would y'all build for this?

Update: I ate some emergency brussels sprouts (this was necessary, obviously) and farmed up some soft humanity from the painting guardians so I could kindle the bonfire before O+S. Finally gave em the righteous beatdown they deserved, but man, this is still rough.