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Hi guys,
After putting some 500-600 hours into DS3, mostly pvp, I downloaded some cheat engine "mods" to mess around with stuff like character size offline. The mod saved something invalid into my save file and now I've had the "YOU HAVE BEEN PENALIZED" message for like 6+ months now. I've tried deleting save data, reinstalling, contacting Fromsoft's US distributor, but I'm still banned.

Has anyone had any luck recently getting unbanned? This is probably my favorite ever game and the longer I'm away the more I miss pvping at the swamp and the valley.

I'm actually desperate enough to buy another copy, but I'd rather not lose everything I've earned after so many NGs... plus I'd have to make a second steam account

please help!


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it seems you should have thought ahead sorry
lesson learned?
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I don't have any good news for you either unfortunately. This may be a situation where you've got to bite the bullet and make a new account/purchase.



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well, don't mess around with cheat engines next time.

U may have to hide/change your IP adress too but im not sure.
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It used to be that you could get around all of this by making your Steam acct a family acct, and this creates a loophole for you to get access back. No cheater ever comes back to report whether or not it works.

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