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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

I have killed the Hydra and talked to Dusk. However, the Broken Pendant won't drop. I restarted the game multiple times. (Xbox One, Prepare to Die edition)
I have the same problem, have you worked it out yet?
What i did: Killed the Dusk golem, talked to her and exhausted all her dialogue, bought a few spells(all while human) went back to the archives, killed the golem and then it finally popped.
The golem you want is in another castle.m. technically the first room ofnthe archives.
The broken pendant is dropped by a crystal golem at the beginning of the duke's archives
so just to be sure... I played Dark Souls Remastered blind without knowing anthing for the first time. Now i am right before gwyn and because i wanted to know how to acces the dlc i gave up finding out myself and started Google. So i already cleared the Dukes archieves BEFORE doing the Hydra and the Golem with Dusk. He dropped no Pendant because of this. So i am not able to enter the DLC with the Charakter???
ok i checked it and the Golem respanws. Would be a total demotivation if not, but in case of from Software you just never know...
Bro, don't worry, i was also in the same situation as you and very scared since the goiem didn't drop it.

Don't worry, just kill the hydra and do the rest normally and you can access the DLC
Hey does playing the unpatched version of the game effect the additional content.
can you get it in dark souls remastered on xbox one?
Wiki has conflicting statements. It says that it doesn't matter if you rescue Dusk for it to drop, but then it says that it DOES matter. Which is it?
Read more carefully; the golem appears regardless, but won't drop the pendant unless you've rescued Dusk.
False that the pendant only drops in Prepare to Die edition, I’m playing remastered and killing the golem gave me the pendant.
It's probably is talking about the original dark souls and how it orig6inally didn't come with dlc or something like that.
This is the key for the DLC Prepare to DIe, the golem isn't there in vanilla. Remaster comes with the dlc
what if i killed the golem before talking to dusk, will he be back at the dukes archives so i can get the broken pendant?


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Does picking up the Broken Pendant prevent me from seeing her summon sign in Darkroot Basin? I've relogged several times, tried it online, offline, and still don't see her sign.