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Dude when I opened her prison door I literally jumped XD she's the scariest thing I've seen in the game so far XDD I wasn't expecting some strange bird-human hybrid!
ex dee
Her race (I call them Harpies, don't know if that's the official term) was a (rather annoying) enemy in DS1. Guess you didn't play it?
She is sexy not scary


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It should cost 1,500 to trade (needs checking)
Right down the- BYE
I love *****
Right down the road? Right Doooown the Road!
"So we'll see y-"
Right down the road!
Happy Souls...
The dolls are actually a reference from The Painted World from the first game, they look very similar to the Peculiar Doll. :D

"Visions of key...(Doll), and then Visions of tail...(Priscilla)"
Thank you for the lore connection. Was wondering what those dolls were and the barrel
I prefer to think of them as the empty husks of children whose souls she has consumed to fuel her special blacksmithing skills
how can she be non aggro?
Go to the bigshot priest up in the tower after you fight the double boss in the farmer place. Turn left as soon as you leave the chapel
Is there anything in the chest she sits on?
Nope, that chest can't be opened
I've got :Megaphone: BOSSWEPPENZ!


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Boss Weapons!?
I have some trivia for her name. "Orni" in her name might be based on the ancient Greek ὄρνις (ornis) meaning "bird".
-fex is also a Latin suffix meaning "that which creates." A panifex for instance is a baker. Technically this means that her name means "maker of birds" but given a bit of linguistic leeway it can mean "a maker that is a bird."
Could also mean Bird that creates
did you say boss weapons?
BAWS WEAPON-WHERE do you live!?
I like bird butts and I can not lie. You other brothers can't deny(...)
My Ornifex don't want none unless you've got Wondrous Soul, hun.