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nice troll, please do not put things like that
How is this a troll?
Stupid *****
It isnt a troll. -a3
The "cast light to reveal" ones also work with the sunlight maggot (and probably skull lantern too).
Confirmed. I have used the skull lantern, sl maggot, and cast light spell. All three work.
Orange soap stones claim that the wall behind the bonfire is an illusory wall. are they lying? why would they so that?
behind the bonfire in the depths I meant, sorry
Why would they do that? Because it's the internet.
First message I ever read on my first playthrough was 'Safe Zone' halfway up the stairs the boulder runs down in Undead Asylum
@Anon 4: It's probably referring to the ledge you can drop down to; it's an easy way to cheese the black knight, as he'll likely fall off the map attempting to chase you
Big peepee
Tiny vajayjay