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Why they design the game like this? Divine weapon is needed to stop resurrection of the skeletons but they only gave you the final upgrade piece at the end of these skeletons level... lol. So they are trying to tell you to use the fully upgraded divine weapon in the 2nd playthrough lol
Astoria's Straight Sword FTW :) It's a lootable weapon with divine attribute making it the way to go for your first Catacomb exploration
Unless I'm mistaken, though you are correct about its location and the point with the catacomb itself, but there are actually several other weapons which deal Divine damage by default. Besides, I think the point of the upgrade system is, in most cases, to make some weapons better over time than the already powerful ones the game gives you at various points.


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The skeletons that resurrect in this area are weak, you don't exactly need a +15 Divine Dragon Great sword to kill them, I used a +0 Divine mace on my first play through...
and they give you lava ring after the part most you need it. first playthrough doesnt count bro though you lose lava ring after game but its not the case. like you cant kill asylum demon in normal ways to get his hammer instead you kill him after first playthorugh.
So, all 3 black knights that are said to drop white titanite slabs there are wrong. They drop chunks not slabs.


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Yup, just fixed it.
now its time to get the last achievent, divine weapon +10 here i come!
0.2% drop rate... ***** :(