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I don't think it's possible to get it if you kill it while you have a summon.
Is there, like, any reason to use this over, say, the Stone Helm, which has better stats across the board for 2.2 less weight? I really like this helmet on my character, but I don't see any logical reason to be wearing it over the Stone Helm, which is frankly ugly af.
Board can be upgraded, but that's all.



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I mean... fashion souls.
It’s kinda supposed to be used as a stand in piece, basically you use it until you get something better
Drop chance? I killed it on three characters, dropped on one
I'm late, but the drop chance is 25%.
Wait, if it's a severed head, are we technically wearing the head of a giant boar?
upgrading to full will probably make it better than stone helm. However havels helm makes me look like goblin slayer and i know it is in all 3 dark souls. I am quite sure I killed the first pig with my friends and they raged when I got it because it was the best at that point until havels set.