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I guess I shouldn’t have waited to buy this version until the PSN store finally had a sale. 😖

Anyhoo, I was meandering thru Tomb of the Giants today for several hours and went to reverse hollow so I could fight Paladin Leroy when I learned I was in human form after all.

I played about 6 hours in 2 different zones and was never invaded. I’ve played ALL the Souls-z games and have never gone 5 minutes in human form without being invaded. Maybe today was bank holiday in Londo, I dunno. I was summoned by a couple people in Tomb so my connection is ok.

Maybe most of the haters have left the neighborhood. I’ll see if this happens tomorrow. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, would you be mine, could you be mine...🎼



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The hype for the remaster died pretty quickly, I feel what they set out to do and what they delivered where just not good enough to lure in enough people who have plenty of other choice and had played the hell out of dks for a long time. I did enjoy my playthrough though :)
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You didn't miss much, too many ******* from day one.
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If u want best chance of non stop action PvP its best to make a low sl toon around sl2-sl10 with +5 upgrade, then invade or host (need boss alive for that) at undead burg. If u invade u get all the newbees that just start the game, and for hosting there should be lots of other low sl invaders trying to invade u.

But the hype is over, it was fun for some time but most players returned to ds3.
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My two cents - it was worth every penny for about two months. I missed out on the first rush in ye old days, so the endless invasions were great. And the grave lords **** up Anor Londo in NG+ every time I turned my back was great!