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Title. I’m trying to find out which one has the better weight and stamina cost per shot. That will determine which one I use for my bow only build. Unfortunately I can’t find stamina usage anywhere and didn’t see any numbers in the wiki. Many thanks in advance.


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composite and short have the same stamina consumption and firing rate. they just differ in scaling attribute, the composite taking a lot on strength up to 26 and less on dex while short is all dexterity.

birch bow is slower in firing rate but has the same stamina consumption.

all other bows are utterly useless out of circumstantial PvE sniping (that is not considering greatbows that are niche)
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What announakis said, basically. I personally try to fit a composite bow in most of my builds, but at low level you could alternate with the short bow and notice negligible differences. They both have the same weapon art and the same rolling quick attack, making them very useful.