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I keep looking for advice on armor and gear and boss order but they're all for the ps4 scholar version

Just looking for some advice

Right now planning tseldora set for now push 16 str for drangleic shield for 100% physical block. And a rapier to wreck things.

Should I also look into a mace? And what's a good sturdy armor set I can use


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I can't concur with the offline suggestion. You can get a lot of nice repairs and estus refills by doing small soapstone coop (just be careful, because phantom deaths count as deaths). I've tried no-death no bonfire in NG about 10 times (each time failing, lol), and I was invaded a grand total of once. The invasion was in FoFG, and the invader wasn't very good. In other words, staying online isn't that risky. From pretty much wrote invasions out of the game in NG (for better or worse). Plex Kodi Lucky Patcher