Co-op and Trade Requests (Please include system and SL)


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I know the switch version is really new, but i've already mucked up my file a bit. I got my pyromancy flame to +9 and accidentally made the Firelink tutor go hollow. I can't summon Quelana without a +10 flame, and i can't get invaded/summon a stranger in Blight Town since I beat Quelag ages ago. If anyone can help it'd be greatly appreciated, I just need to borrow a +10 flame to spawn her and then I can trade it back after. My friend code is SW-8285-2281-0820, the name should be Jouzu. Thanks again, any help would be massively appreciated as I really don't want to restart my file or wait 'till NG+

TL;DR, I need to borrow a +10 Pyromancy flame to spawn Quelana. My friend code is SW-8285-2281-0820



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you can make it +10 with Eingyi if i remember correctly, but i need the same help because i want her pyromancies but for low lvl pvp i dont want to make a +10 flame, but im on ps4 xd