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now i completed bloodborne and i loved the challenge, loved the combat and love the atmosphere of the game. i feel disappointed with myself though because i solo'd the entire game up until the final boss where after about a million attempts at killing him i invited another player in and just walked it easily. so in my mind i cheated.

i also love the combat in nioh, even though i havent even got past the first boss because i decided not to bother playing for this reason;

get to the point. i dont like how basically, the only way to play this game is to run, farm, run, farm, run, farm.

meaning you kill everything in a level then retreat to safety to upgrade. then when you wanna kill the boss you run past every single enemy and just do the boss.

i assume its exactly the same with nioh....

am i right in this or am i playing wrong?


Joined: Fri Oct 19, 2018 8:14 pm
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bump i wana play but not in that way

advice needed !



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A lot of people play it that way, I don't play it that way at all.

I went through this whole several times and never farmed until maybe near the very end of it.

You can either commit to learning the mechanics and mastering your playstyle, or farm, which is like putting it on easy mode.
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