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I was swinging a weapon around in the Depot Ops after rescuing him and he started cowering and I couldn't talk to him anymore. After I shut down and started the game again later, he wasn't there anymore.


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Eh, who cares, it’s just a V.3, not a V.5
POSTED ABOVE: If you give him the Modaxinol Injector he will give you a Vital Injection v.3 in return, but you will not be able to get this implant again.
What is meant by that? Is it a consequence? Or are you saying you can't get more than one from Davey.
Meaning that you can’t get the Modaxinol Injector again, but you get a better one later that doesn’t drain your health
I already have Vital injection Mk.III tho



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He'll be giving you a second one then. :-) You can equip two at once and you'll have 6 injections available instead of just three.
By the time security was in the area where Davey is I had 6 lol
Apparently I can now choose Davey's opening and ending statements for him.