Anyone know what this is yet???
My Collector's Strategy Guide says this.

"There is a special reward available only to players who have imported a save from Mass Effect 2 with the Prejek Paddle Fish purchased by Commander Shepard. If the Prejeck Paddle Fish survives through all of Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect 3 New Game Plus, visit Liara's quarters aboard the Normandy for a very special intel bonus!"

I know it may be too early to ask but some people are just crazy like that.

Anyone know yet?

Maybe hints for what is to come???? It's bugging me.

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Is there not anyone else interested in this?

I smell something FISHY regarding this.


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It's a intel bonus you can use at Liara's terminal, I believe. It raises power damage or something, just like other intel bonuses. Xoisite posted a thread on it in the discussion group.
its just an intel, gives you either +10% weapon dmg or +10% power damage...nothing important
Not sure,  I kinds get that "I'm being pulled" feeling.

But honestly right now I can't bring myself to play ME3 again at the moment.
LOL are you serious? All of that for a bonus?

That sucks.
yup, I stared NG+ and thats all I got
Cuz I was reading you gotta romance kelly chambers to get her to feed the fish to keep them alive and all this other junk.

a bit much for such a bonus.

kinda silly.
i just read this in my guide as well, that's a lot of trouble for a little bonus. i was expecting something like that fish becoming the new dominant life form in the next cycle or something like that. i'm not going to worry about this when i play the series over again. feels like a waster. i'd rather go back just to make sure captain kirahhe is still alive. haha! that sounds like a 10% bonus.

i must have done something wrong in the last game several times, chambers never survived the final mission and i was never able to romance her at any point during the game despite talking to her between every mission. it's too bad, always wanted to bang her. poor fish, they never got fed.
You have to do me3 game + to get the 10% bonus. Bit of a wait I know, should have jus done it on first play through!