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I was wondering--is there an inventory cap in this game? I am playing on the PS4 and I'm currently on New Game +6 so you could probably guess I have a TON of different items. I'm at the point where I have 99 of some items and even more than 99 for other items, such as red shards, forestfangs, phials of undersight, etc. Sometimes when I open chests or enemies drop items I am unable to pick up what they have. When I try to pick something up, it seems my creed consumables vanish from my inventory (and maybe other items are vanishing too but I'm not sure which ones).Has anyone else experienced this problem? Do you know a way to fix it? I'm in The Order of the Betrayer, and I first noticed my Flasks of Defilement vanishing, and as I tried picking up more items, the bulk of my blood vials and black salts were beginning to vanish too . After smashing some of my salt consumables, such as the bags, boxes, cases, I was able to get these creed consumables back by then resting again at a given sanctuary. It seems by using up those items I had enough space to get my creed consumables back. I guess I've gotten the issue resolved (temporarily, at least) for myself, and there probably aren't too many people far enough to have to deal with this, but I did want to raise the issue in case there's a way the developers can solve this inventory cap and mysterious vanishing problem. Also, if the developers could allow for better management system of the inventory, perhaps in a later patch with a way we could sort our things by "weight," "name" and different "sets," that would be much appreciated.
Yeah that's happening to me aswell, I lose my creed items whenever i rest at a sanctuary and I have like 6 of each weapon and armour in the game.