Co-op and Trade Requests (Please include system and SL)


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hey my gtag is SSbluntcruise on xbox sl 69 want to trade/help...


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Saw this post and was wondering if its 1:1 with items asked for and junk given, as I need at least 25 large titanite shards for my low level oroboro build. steam name is Universal Yahoo, sl 15, I am using the fextra password for online gameplay.



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Ps3 user: darth_pheggid , SL189
I'm in need of a soul of sif, i can offer titanite, rings, weapons


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hey, I'm on PC with DSR, and I need 4 sunlight medals, 5 chunks of white titanite (I don't know if you need my gamertag or my character's name so I'll just put both here)
my gamertag is Telawin
the character's name is Syltrix
my current soul level is 62
(to be honest this is my first time with this so I guess if you need to coordinate anything just send something to my inbox)


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Looking to get ether a bk greatsword or sword message me in my inbox I guess? I’m new lol