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I found it!
Me too bro :D


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Best Katana you can have.
Someone explain the key differences between this and Uchigatana, other than the quickdraw attack the two seem nigh identical.
I think you're pretty much right, marginal differences in damage but the main difference is the heavy attack. This gets the quickdraw attack, the Uchi gets a thrust.
In PvP it can be worthwhile to bring one of each, and switch between them on the fly to throw people off.
In Dark Souls major difference between weapons is move set, crucial sometimes in PVP; so, yes! Iaito differs from uchigatana only by the quickdraw attack. The lack of difference in move set is one of the gripes we did for the sequels (DS2 in particular).
Thank you very much!!! Hello from Spain bro
The iaito is actually slightly longer than the uchi


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I still love this weapon. But boy do I get my *** kicked easily in this new age of meta warriors :D Horse but hole ? WAT
Its hard to get bleed damage off in pvp cause people keep running away once it gets high.
and in duels where you have an agreement not to run or heal, most people roll through it
I am currently running a level 31 PvP dex build where i use the Iaito in my right and Uchigatana in my left and find it to be highly effective in the right hands.
If you inspect the blade you'll notice that, unlike the Uchigatana's, the Iaito's has no hamon or blade pattern. AKA it's not sharpened. Which means that by using this sword the Chosen Undead is skilled enough to defeat his opponents with a blunt practice weapon.
That doesn't mean it isn't sharpened, it just means that it wasn't hardened differentially, meaning that it is hard all across with no soft spine (more likely to snap). It cant mean that it isn't hardened either, since traditionally made katana's get their signature curve from the quenching process.
This is true. Iaito are, indeed, blunt practice tools used for the practice of iaido or iaijutsu. Re: the reply - Yes. This does mean it is not sharpened.
now i need the
ok man
I somehow dual wield it with uchi. Too bad i up it to devine path for RP purpose :/