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Cannibalize is missing from the list, destroy a summons, gain 50% of its vitality and armor
I have no friking idea, why ppl downvote you, cause this skill do exist, missing from the list, and you can buy it from Bree since lvl 16
Ignorant lazy kiddos that dont know what they are thinking when downvote this.
Wow I had no idea that to get half of the summoning skills you have to craft them yourself hahah next playthrough I guess
Some additional information about infusions that isn't immediately clear from the skill descriptions:

Power/Farsight: Provide a 25% damage bonus. Armor provided is boosted if the Incarnate has any +armor effects, including those from an infusion and level 10 Champion summoning. Modified armor is not shown in the tooltip, but can be close to 3x the displayed amount on an infused Incarnate Champion. Makes it just about the tankiest thing on the battlefield.

Warp Infusion: Adds 15% dodging.

Shadow Infusion: Adds 1 movement.
I think it'd be cool, and balanced, to separate each summon so you can have 1 incarnate and say, one dragonling out at the same time. On lone wolf it sometimes feels limiting because they start off with 4 action points, 5 with haste buff, but when you're so used to having 6 it's depressing.

I honestly get way more out of fane using apotheosis time warp blood storm and grasp of the starved combo for instance, so as far as being overpowered I daresay this is the least problematic thing to consider.

Just reduce summon times, and maybe lower stats, or have a limit breach per 5 levels of summoning. So a lone wolf could have 4 pets maxed but only 2 for a nonbuffed 4 party crew character. But it would allow other summons to be used to create forced variety so you can't just pop 3 incarnate champs out like other mods are doing.

I think the spell variety of an intelligence mage is more involving than just dropping a summon and buffing it with the lower tier spells. Allowing me to use the different summons together would enhance my gameplay experience, and with proper balance, can make the summoning class a fun class to play.
There is a mod you can get that will allow for multiple summons, and another one that can increase your AP upto 8 as a cap, but i don't know how many of these you'd want to push in before ruining your game
I don't mean to buff my ap to 8, but rather the summoned ap to 6 with another haste spell geared towards summons. I don't want multiple summons out with their current strength. I'm thinking more of instead of a 10 turn duration for the incarnate, have it on a 3 turn duration but with more interesting mechanics and a wider variety of summonable things.



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Something to consider to all my magic users in a 4 man team of friends and they all go physical damage. Don't overlook summoning, it's an amazing tool for someone in a mixed party (or not). I normally go something along the lines of healer and support so I obviously will take some points into hydrosophist but I started to noticed that I was spending all my time trying to break magic armor while my friends had the targets already dead by the time I really started to get my combos off so I went out on a limb and took summoning. It's made me go from standard support type roll to able to really pull off some crazy combos with my Incarnate out on the field. He can be used to aid ripping off magical armor and setting you up for your hydro combos while you baby your friendly dwarf that is always on fire (looking at you Simon if your reading this). He really does fill any role you wanna put him in. side note: It's always good to have one type of caster in the group imho, a lot of enemies you encounter will have super low magical defense and with you out there chewing them up and keeping them frozen, burned, poisoned and shocked allows for your physical oriented friends to have a lighter battle load and keeps pressure off your healer/support (if you go that role). Late game it won't be too much of an issue with all the ways your friends can help rip off magical armor with strength/fineness scaling skills. Ex: Flayed skin, chloroform, gag order and Silencing stare.
***** bro it's comment not share your life story Haha thanks for advice tho
So serious question: why should I bother with any other summon, like the Oil Blob or the Fire Slug, when I could have the Incarnate instead? The incarnate can change elemental forms to fit the situation at hand, and can be buffed a ridiculous amount to be absurdly powerful, so what merits do other summons (like Oil Blob or Fire Slug) have over the incarnate?


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Other summons could be used prior to getting your Summoning to level 10. Also if your Champion gets defeated and you still have a cool down you can cast the secondary summons. I was hoping I could find a bone widow spell book in The Joy but haven't seen one so far.
The oil blob can leave behind trails of oil easily set alight to create a barrier against enemies something you can't do with an incarnate and then the fire slug gains access to laser Ray and also lays down a flame trail so they are mainly good for cc but laser Ray is one of the highest magic damage skills and the fire cloud can't be removed
Oil Blob summon skill from Polymorph SCALES W/ STR. Perfect combo for Medusa since Petrified reduces Earth resist too. Fire Slug is pretty powerful w/ its linear ray. But the only edge this summons have over the incarnates is that they don't need to be buffed w/ infusions (AP efficiency). You could just summon and leave them unlike Incarnates which need to be buffed in order to be effective. They do their own thing and is perfect for people who don't want to spend too much points in summoning. Late game I'm still using Raise Bloated Corpse on my Physical/Necro Mage because it's AOE Physical damage is amazing in an all physical party. Combine that w/ Teleport/Nether Swap > Corpse Explosion > Raise Bloated Corpse + Supercharger you can wipe out a group w/ just 3 ap.
In the definitive edition, Oil Blob now has Fossil Strike and Turn to Oil, making it a very powerful summon for controlling enemy movements. The AI will do anything it can to avoid getting slowed, sometimes even spending MORE ap to run around a oil puddle than it would take to just go through it. This is a game about tactics, raw dmg isn't always good enough.


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They have independent cooldowns, so doing something like a Supercharged suicide-strike for high initial burst damage then immediately following up with a different summon the next turn can be quite effective.
Because it's faster to casty a different summoning spell than wait for the 6 turn cooldown?
I think this list should include all possible summons