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***** this guy; he ate Gwyndolin before I could!
That's kinda*****
Simple: Chaos broad/longsword, rush at him. After struggling with magic, crystal broadsword, Pestilent mist and getting killed a lot of times, I chose to infuse a broadsword+7 with chaos (Im a sorcerer). The fight lasted like... 3 minutes.
What's up with his and yorskas skinny long arms?
Those arms around technically Gwyndolin's, Yorshkas relative.
My tinhat headcanon is that he's actually Yorshka's dad.
Pretty tough for a guy using no magic, on a pure quality build (27-28). I do fairly well, until the 2nd phase, and it seems I keep getting myself killed by the tracking arrows. I'm shooting for the lord of hollows, and so I can't summon Anri. I won't do online summons neither, so it's just me against yet another lord of cinder lol. Oh well, but this would have been a better place to summon Londor Pale Shade. If not for anything else, but for a distraction. I'll get him eventually, with my refined Astoria GS and resins...praise the sun for resins
Don't feel like you're cheating when you summon a phantom. Every build has bosses that are hard depending on your weapons. The transposed swords from Abyss Watchers are good vs Aldritch. AGS plus fire resin is solid. Don't get greedy with your stamina. Walk away from the arrows until they're close then start rolling to get more out of your stamina than running gives. Alternatively, Twisted Wall of Light shuts that attack down if you have the FP to spam it.
Gwyndolin is a dude.. Lol
Anon, I think he meant Priscilla



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Well, Gwyndolin is feminine and from what I heard, raised female soo. It's confusing.
hey, dudes can be waifus too!


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Don't worry! He didn't actually kill your "Waifu," you did.
2nd try... Just used some good fire armor and Hollow GS and totally reks him. Just roll around when he is firing arrows, and once it stops, stay to his side and your can get in so many hits, just be cautious


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Any summon signs or can someone help can not get past this guy
Xbox or ps4? I need help aswell.
Honestly, this guy is the hardest boss fight for me in DS3. This guy and Midir.
I think Midir is easier than Aldrich. Aldrich seems almost completely random while Midir is easy to goad into simple attack patterns and once you get used to his dark disco show, it's just a matter of whittling down his enormous hitpoints.
Really easy using Pyromancy, used Chaos Bed Bestiges with witch ring and that other pyro ring and 1 CBV deals 500+ damage. Fought exclusively at range too.
You can't use that at Soul Level 1.
If you're STR/FAI, LKGS buffed with Lightning Blade R2 attacks hit massively. Dragonslayer Axe has faster AS though. Cast Vow of Silence right before you attack so he can't spam cast after he teleports. Any split Into/Fai just obliterates him with Chaos Orb/Vestiges
You don't really even need a split, pyromancy works just fine with one attribute so something like Chaos Orb is a very viable tool for sorcerers since Aldrich takes crap all damage from sorceries.