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Eleonora will heal 15 hp/hit when buffed.
05 Jul 2018 12:19
i am worried about something, i leveled up my vigor to probably 17 and my health bar expanded(which were good news) but after i died maybe 2 times the health bar shrink pretty small , like when you start a new game, so. anyone knows what should i do to expand it again? and if so, how? and does this mean i wasted my souls leveling up the vigor? i would be so thankful if you could help me
Just use an ember to gain an increased max hp. You get them as item drops or whenever you kill a boss
Use an ember.
I just met a full Havel, I did around 2000 DMG to him and that reduced him to about half his HP. Is this possible or is he cheating? (No healing factors were involved)
highest max hp is about 2100 so unless he maxed vigor and had some passive healing effects its unlikely, unless youre talking about an npc then its pretty reasonable
You can only have around 1400 hp at 99 vigor without rings so possible he is hacking
Hackers usual freeze there hp so it would drop at all.
What your output is is damage against no defense and absorption, likely his high defense and absorption is what was halving your damage. Unless you took that into account then yeah maybe hax.
I found my comfort spot lies at 1200 health. Hbu guys?
2,000 lol. Love my tank builds
Survivability for me is about 15 vigor (mostly offline play) embered leaves 730 odd HP which is reasonable. Then you can just go from there putting into your build stats