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Hi. I'm planning to play DS. I started playing ds1 but in PC. Long time ago. Now I want to play it in a Xbox One and I'm kinda confused. I read that there is a DLC. My question is. If I buy the DS1 it comes with the DLC or should I buy it to and with the DS2 how many DLC or expansion has?. Thanks



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If you're playing on Xbox One, it's the remaster for Dark Souls. That comes with the expansion so you're all set.

Dark Souls II should be Scholar of the First Sin edition and that comes will all three expansions. You're all set for that one too.
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I don't know if you bought them yet but I think all three are being sold together or will be sold together soon. I don't know what the price will be so I don't know if it will be cheaper than buying them separately.
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