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Stand corrected! Thank you for the info.

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Stick in neutral position (don't touch)+ O on Playstation. They did include rushing when climbing (with stamina usage) in DS2 , and think since then touching the stick wouldn't affect this move.



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You just hold the circle button. I don't remember being able to do it in the original version but that is how you do it in the remastered version on PS4.
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you can do it in dark souls for I do it all the time I end up just tapping circle and it works


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toddmuton wrote:I've pressed and held down all the buttons (PS4) but I cant figure out how to slide

Haven't figured it out either. I'm on Xbox, but I think I have done it once before. I might have been imagining it though. Another thing, I know how to do it, but I cant do it consistently, the jump attack attack has always been difficult for me. Lol, beanpole ahead.