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Could you imagine if instead of nerfing the Gargoyle Flame Spear they buffed it, made it look fashionable instead of ugly, and then allowed infusions and buffs on it? Thats the Saint Bident.
Bithc did you just call Gargoyle Flame Spear ugly?
does the lightning +10 upgrade really have a A faith scaling ?
I'd worry less about the letter and use something like Mugenmonkey to test the AR.

With 13str, 12dex and 60fth, it gets 504 AR


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try soulsplanner!


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I love this weapon. The blade looks like a Halo Energy Sword. Combined with magic pine risen, it looks and plays not bad for medium to late game.
what does the faith scaling affect for this weapon, when not infused by Choas, Lightning, or Dark?
Physical damage
When this weapon is infused with lighting, chaos or dark does faith still affect physical damage?
Yes, so it's a great weapon for faith builds (or faith+int). And it looks beautiful, good reach, not too heavy, good stamina use, and a fun weapon art
Anyone know the softcap for the Blessed infusion?
40 is the soft/hardcap for lightning and blessed infusions... just dont go blessed with this weapon
Has anyone tried going str/faith instead of dex/faith with this? The reason I ask is that the biggest problem I can see with this is that you’ll inevitably want to poke from behind a shield, which means high stability is a must and great shields would be ideal.
I'm running this build 36 str and 36 faith currently. +10 bident gives C Str and C faith. 407 AR with blessed. Fun :)
this thing has a weird modifer bonus damage when u have flame buff with the pyro glove at with just base stats for wep and 40 fth, i was 4 shotting alot of people at sl 150
The wiki's stat on lightning infusion is incorrect: at +5 the rating is already A.
Wait, does this really have 100 bleed aux. And why does it become 37 when infused with bleed...
It has no aux effect, doofus. The 100 is its critical value.
He might be a doofus, but how's Fromsoftware for choosing that icon which is VERY close to the bleed one?