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I dont care what those dexy weapon users have to complain about strength weapons in pvp. This weapon is great for PvE and need to stay the way it is to give strength builds decent options and not force them into quality builds.
I really like this thing. In you put 18 points into Int so you can use Snap Freeze along side it, it will work well against multiple enimies.
This thing makes dragonslayer armor easy
with last update this thing cause frostbite with 2,3 hits and thats best works for dex running around builds as frostbite slows them down
with Perseverance you can tank crystal soul spear and have 3/4 of your hp intact
quality str weapon.
Vordt's great hammer + Irithyll straight sword + snap freeze is my favorite build in this game.
Good for you
Have fun getting rekt in PvP with a build like that.
Too bad that frostbite builds are amazing in pvp. Get some knowledge be4 u talk **** kiddo.
I use this, but instead of Irithyll I use a fire broadsword or ringed knight sword to reset frost once it procs
Average PVE build
you can proc frostbite during ripostes for ridiculous amounts of damage, i did it in sl20 invasion for 800 damage hornet ring riposte....

its easiest to proc if you hit them once then go for a parry as im sure the riposte frost value for each hit is halved or maybe less
Hornet ring doesn't increase riposte dmg...
I'm quite sure it does
Who the hell is the idiot that doesn't think the Hornet ring increases Riposte damage?
That is literally all it does you mouthbreather.
What are the strength soft and hard caps for this hammer? Would it be a good idea to go 66 strength or does it cap earlier?
40 STR is the soft cap. 66 is the hard cap.

I would always recommend going 66 STR. Infused heavy weapons are just too good on a 66 STR build. Along with weapons like Ledos.
This weapon should be unparryable when two handed yet someone still parried me. How?
Only running and rolling attacks can be parried, hit gud.
Don't use running or rolling attacks if the other person has a small shield or other offhand that's meant for parrying. Chances are you will get parried and rekt.



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You can running r2 attack with safety though. I always catch parry*****s with it after baiting a few running r1s first.
probably one the best PVE weapons I have tried. it literally frostbites any pve enemy in 1-3 hits. just make sure you carry plenty of firebombs so you can reset the frostbite and repeat it over over for insane damage. also has imo the best weapon art perseverance. pretty fun to make a tank build with it and everyone in the game.
Could you reset the frostbite with any other source of fire damage? Like a weapon with a fire gem or a pyromancy etc?


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pretty late but yes, every source of fire damage will reset the frostbite effect
Easily probably the best great hammer with its frostbite and perseverance also relatively light and doesn't block all your vision like Ledos
Honestly, I've always maintained that whatever RPG you play, one of the earliest 'special' weapons typically turns out to be one of the best.

Here, even if the target cannot be 'bitten, the sheer attack-power is just beastly. Combined with a longer Perseverance than other hammers and it's reach; it's just a beast. Slow, but it's got the right mix of sweeping (horizontal) and slicing (overhead/vertical) attacks too.

On the lesser side w/Str requirements so you can put those points into other things if you want to (vs 50 Str say for FUGS).
No. Best great hammer is between the Great Club and Ledos. Vordts is pretty bad against anyone who knows how to press circle and most end game enemy. By end game you'd of racked up a good amount of STR. No point using this over any other STR weapon.
Strength weapons tend to be easy to roll anyway.

For PVP I know the likes of Spiked Mace, Great Club & Ledo's are preferred, but that doesn't change that Vordt's has an excellent status aux behind a lot of raw power for its weight.

As for end game enemies.. I prefer a lot of other strength weapons at end game too (including the Claymore), but Vordt's still hits like a truck and debuffs Gael nicely.
Pve best is LKGS. Stunlock any player-model bosses, Lightning damage *****s up almost everything. Makes the game a total joke and a lot easier to hold than Ledo's. Don't really even need faith stats but its incredibly broken with lightning blade stacked on top. Never had an easier playthrough