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Anyone who says this isn't still OP and at the very least meta is **** dumb. The damage is still amazing at any level range, low, mid and high, and the reach is still just as broken as it's ever been. The reach alone makes this meta, would you rather have more damage and less reach or more reach and less damage? Have you never faced this exact same question while choosing between the broadsword and longsword? Which did you choose? The longsword because it has barely lower AR and has more reach (talking low level, not sure endgame)... Not that this even DOES less damage. I love all these "it's been nerfed!" comments, it's hilarious. Like the patches have ever been a reliable method of fixing anything... Force buffing was a thing till LAST patch... The nerf was just a slight one, that's it, it didn't castrate the dark sword... Reach is everything on a straight sword and the damage literally isn't a problem.
I take back what I said about the R2 being awkward and unwieldy. If you mix up your moves, the R2 can catch a lot of people off guard and save you from parry spammers. 2-handing this thing is pretty great too.
hey guys what is better heavy or refined infusion? i want to see if refined is worth it for this weapon. Thank you in advanced for answering if you did.
If you have 40 str and low dex heavy , if you have 40/40 str/dex refined.



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Shoutout to everyone that had to suffer through this plague of a weapon in 2016 #RIPR1SPAM
is it still the default weapon for scrubs ??
lmao r1 spam is ez to counter just **** parry you autists