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Why do people beg for help on a freaking wiki. Go to reddit for that ****.

Also I noticed, as a moundmaker I summoned another moundmaker with a red summon sign and I killed him, but no vertebra shackle. Glitch or do you not get them from killing summoned mound makers?
Noticed the same thing, guess you just don’t get one
Can anyone help with this? I'm willing to help in return. On PS4
Gamertag PandaBlade93
Looking to provide and receive help with Shackles for the Sorcery, SL 191 Steam: xXSa_ltXx
Looking for help on PC, Steam: xXSa_ltXx
hey man i also need help for this : steam id : ritvendra
Could use some help with this one :(

PSN ID is cunningasafox
I'm down, but your profile is closed to messages. My PSN is Rhogog.


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Looking for a partner to collect all the shackles. I will provide him help too if needed. PSN ID: Gripperas96
Lookin for someone on Ps4 to farm this with. I will help in return. ID:Conkerovsky
Looking to farm 30 of these on ps4, PSN: Doomz_Day771. Will return the favour and help anyone else trying to farm
Can someone help me farm these will return the favour. Ps4:mans22323
Psn: stokslobber88
Looking for someone to farm 30 of these
I will help if you help me. Psn:movielover9