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I just invaded a cheating **** **** **** ****. some of you people should are true *******. this person was such a **** I usec a black separation crystal to end it. the **** **** **** was cheating. nerf this **** now you cheating **** ****


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It would help if you describe how they "cheated"
salty much?
Just got summoned by blades of the dark moon and the invader was a black dressed guy with a human mask,that dude was so fast he literally was in 4 places at time and killed with one hit
I'm not even mad that's amazing!
that is a hacker for you right there
Invasion is dumb, you basically always end up in a 1v2 or worse when you are invading somebody.
Alright I calmed down now. But it's still stupid!
Which is why it takes skill and invasions is intended to give pvp players a challenge. Honestly some players are absolute monkeys and its funny to destroy them.
Don’t fight head on. Instead, stalk them until they’re weak.
Invasions are the hardest thing you can do in Dark Souls 3. It takes way more patience, strategy, and planning than anything else in the game to reach a point of reliably winning.

People who just blast into a 3v1 swinging and say it's unfair when they inevitably die are doing it entirely wrong. It's not a duel, it's a hunt. Stalk them, wait for your moment, attack and retreat. View it as a marathon and not a sprint. The best invasions are the ones where the host has thrown password phantoms and re-summons and blues at you for 10 minutes and has nothing but a panic attack to show for it.
Duel if you want 1v1s. Invasions are designed to be skill checks against players who are trying to stack odds in their favor - the game specifically sets invasion preferences for larger groups over single hosts for this reason. A single host doesn't need a skill check, they're playing the game solo. But a host with 3 password summoned phantoms playing the game for them deserves to get smacked by an actual human.
alguno sabe por que cuando invoco gente para una bossfight no pueden entrar a ayudarme?
por que cuando voy a invocar a alguien para un boss no puede entrar a ayudarme?
We had the same problem. Putting the summon sign far away from the boss fog and then running to the boss together seemed to help.
How do i invade a specific person, persay for revenge?
message them asking for duel, then leave red sign down in the agreed area.
Hey I need help on oscirous on ng+7. Can anyone help?
Someone please Help!!! I can’t beat the Twin princes SL 83


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"Up to 9 players can interact in the same session" 4th point in online information

Arent it only 6? Did someone edit this?
Yes it's only 6, someone should correct it.
nah it says 6 players
One thing I noticed is that a bonfire will dim and go quiet when an invader is approaching your area. A neat little detail I must say!
You also can't activate a bonfire as a checkpoint when an invader is near, so if a host is fleeing in hopes of just activating that last checkpoint before dying it won't work.